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Self-Care Saturday

Self-Care Saturday

Self- Care Saturdays

Online Experience Enhancement Tips

You don't need any experience in sound or yoga for Self-Care Saturdays. But if you’re participating online, there are a few simple things you can do that will make your experience so much richer.

Your space (make yourself comfortable):

• If possible, have enough room so you can move comfortably.

• Use pillows, blankets, or bolsters to support your body if you’re able to sit on the floor.

• Feel free to use a chair.

• Have a blanket handy in case you get cold, especially for any meditation or relaxation times.

• Have some water or tea nearby.

• If you’re camera shy, turn it off :)

Sound practices:

For the sound practices, while it’s not required, it helps to have something to “sound” or vocalize into. It enhances the vibratory effect, and I personally find hearing my voice more enjoyable when there is a background sound. Here are 2 options:

1. The link below is a YouTube of a Tānpūrā drone. It is the same key I’ll be using in class. You can play it just during the sound practices, or for the entire class. Ideally, you’ll play this on a different device than what you'll be attending the Zoom call on. YouTube has ads so get past those a few minutes before we start. Playing it over a nice speaker is a bonus. The idea is to fill your space with sound!


2. If you don’t have an extra device, or internet bandwidth is an issue, you can use a pair of headphones for the sound components.

That's it! I look forward to seeing you soon!


For more information about the class and presenter, visit http://www.heart-matrix.com/

Saturday, February 26, 2022
10:30am - 12:00pm
Multi-purpose Room
Hamlin Library

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